We met up with music and vinyl enthusiast Marco and his 13-year-old daughter Pieke. Marco works as a booker at a venue in The Hague called Zwarte Ruiter and at Sniester festival. Father and daughter go there to see their favourite bands together and discuss their musical influences.

Marco & Pieke

Marco & Pieke

Diverse vinyl collection

Marco’s record collection originated when he was asked by the father of an old girlfriend; ‘Do you want to have my record collection?’ This collection consisted of Jimmy Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd. Marco couldn’t say no to that of course. Marco: ‘from that moment on I started collecting and at this moment we have over a 1000 records in our home.’  And it keeps growing rapidly because Pieke and her brother Skip have the same collector’s bug. Pieke: ‘At the beginning I did not understand how the music was played from a piece of ‘plastic’, but now I do and it makes me love vinyl even more.

Crosley Cruiser

Marco goes to many festivals and he also went to the Dutch festival Eurosonic a few years ago. There he found the Crosley Cruiser record player in a pop-up store. Marco: ‘I immediately thought the suitcase design was awesome. And perfect for my daughter, so she can play records in her own room!’

Pieke now spins records of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead but also current artists like Billie Eilish and 21 Pilots. Marco: ‘Now Pieke is a bit older, she is developing her own taste and is inspiring me as well. For example, I knew one a song from Billie Eilish, but Pieke made me listen to the whole album I found out it’s really good. ´

Sniester festival for the young and younger

On the 24th of May the 6th edition of Sniester festival will take place their hometown The Hague. Marco: ‘The bands playing at this festival give 200% energy and have a passion for making music.’ Pieke: ‘this will be the first time I am going to see the bands play. In previous years I always went to Sniester Junior, where we made cuddly toys or did a scouting expedition to the backstage areas of the café’s who host a Sniester stage.’

Design Made by  Patrick van Honing  Sniester means firework in Dutch dialect. The cat is inspired by a old american firework company calledv Black Cat

Design Made by Patrick van Honing
Sniester means firework in Dutch dialect. The cat is inspired by a old american firework company calledv Black Cat

Marco tells us that most festivals set up a bouncy castle for the kids and call it a day. Marco: ‘One time we folded airplanes with the kids and threw the airplanes of the big church tower. Another thing we do, and I host, is a crowd surf workshop. The last year it was so busy, that a line of children where waiting to crowd surf. This was really cool to see.’

 Sniester 2019

This year Marco promises that Sniester 2019 will again be a unique experience. The festival locations are divided in different segments. Rock & Roll bands are playing for example in Marco’s venue ‘Zwarte Ruiter’. And for hip hop and urban you can go to the Grey space. Sniester is going to build a 360 degrees’ stage in het Paard for acts Jacco Gardner, Merol and Joost. The visitors can walk around the stage and see the musicians and their instruments in every angle.

Pieke: ‘I am really excited to see Joost, Merol and some bands my dad showed me. Marco: There is too much that I want to see but I definitely want to see Karel and Weval. We at Crosley are looking forward to see Multi-instrumentalist Jacco Gardner for that 70’s dreamy sound, LA based band Drugdealer, some grunge of the Mozes and the firstborn and finally making 90’s dance moves during Tape Toy.


See you at Sniester!

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