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    Analog stories

    Ask Julia: How to keep your records clean?

    Crosley Radio Europe | Ask Julia: how to keep your records clean?
    Vinyl and their relationship with dust is a tough one. They seem to love each other, but dust lets your record make clicks and hiss noises you don’t want to hear. a dusty record is also really bad for your needle who has to work through it. All that dust, when does it stop? Well, it's a never-ending story, but together with our friends from AM we’ll keep your records dust-free in a fun, nicely designed and easy way.

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    Young Collectors: Tom van Huisstede

    Crosley Bluetooth Record Player - Crosley Radio Europe
    Since everybody is staying home in these strange Corona times, It’s the perfect moment to spend time with your record collection. To get you started or inspired we are presenting a new young collector story. This time we talked (digitally) to Tom, a graphic designer and photographer who loves music as much as the design of records.

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    Limited Editions > Tame Impala | Slow Rush

    Crosley Bluetooth Record Player - Crosley Radio Europe
    In this series we talk about the art of an album cover. We start with Tame Impala's fourth album Slow Rush. Together with photographer Neil Krug, Tame Impala created a psychedelic world for his listeners in music and artwork. 

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