Bluetooth function on a record player, how does it work? Crosley Radio Europe

Bluetooth function on a record player, how does it work?

Nowadays we can’t imagine a world without Bluetooth. Crosley loves to combine the old with the new. That is why our record players have Bluetooth. We created this blog to describe how you can use the different Bluetooth functions on our Crosley models.


What is Bluetooth? 

Bluetooth is created by radio waves that connect two devices over a short distance. The blue flashing light on your record player means that your record player is looking for another Bluetooth device. This connection is called a piconet and is established automatically. Your record player is connected to another Bluetooth device when the light is on. 


Bluetooth input 

The record players with Bluetooth input can only receive Bluetooth. Receiving Bluetooth means that you can find a Bluetooth connection via the Bluetooth on your phone and connect your phone. Your mobile phone is the main device in this case and via your phone you can tell the record player what to play. Briefly: your record player becomes a Bluetooth speaker for all your digital music. A few examples of Crosley record players with Bluetooth input are the Coda and the Gig.

 Check out our Bluetooth input setup guide


Bluetooth out 

Transmitting Bluetooth means your record player becomes the main device and can tell another Bluetooth device what to do. Having a record player with Bluetooth out gives you the ability to connect an external Bluetooth speaker. The Crosley C6 is a record player with Bluetooth out.

 Check out our Bluetooth output setup guide. 


2-way Bluetooth 

A new feature Crosley introduced in 2021 is 2-way Bluetooth. These record players  have Bluetooth in- and output. You can use the record player as a Bluetooth speaker or use the Bluetooth output to connect the record player to an external Bluetooth speaker. We created a video to explain how this works.


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