Inspired by Autumn | New Crosley Voyager Crosley Radio Europe

Inspired by Autumn | New Crosley Voyager

Fall is coming! There are so many reasons why to love this season. Not only the beauty of the forest outside, but also the urge to make your home warm and cosy again and enjoy your evenings inside. The easiest way to give your interior an extra spark for those cloudy days: Plug in a record player and play the warm sound of vinyl. This beautiful season inspired us when we designed the color palette for our new record player the 'Voyager'.

The new Voyager design

Crosley launched their iconic suitcase design more then 10 years ago. The Voyager is the modern update of this design with its clean lines and the grid at the front that makes the speaker the centre piece of the record player.  


Think of the Voyager colors of a perfect autumn day. You wake up and it's still dark outside. Everything is still black when you walk into your living room, but you can see the clean lines of your Voyager. After you made your breakfast and are ready to face the day the blackness slowly turned into a grey mist.

Crosley Radio Europe | Voyager bluetooth record player Black and Grey

The day can finally really start and when it's midday the sun shines bright and replaces the mist for a blue sky. In the afternoon it is time for a forest walk where the red and gold palettes are everywhere. 

Crosley Radio Europe | Voyager bluetooth record player washed blue and burgundy


Enjoy the beautiful things Autumn brings and the warm sounds of the Crosley Voyager.  





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