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Limited Editions vinyl > Tame Impala | Slow Rush

In this series we talk about the art of an album cover. We start with Tame Impala's fourth album Slow Rush. Together with photographer Neil Krug, Tame Impala created a psychedelic world for his listeners in music and artwork. 

Tame Impala - The Slow Rush

The setting Neil and Kevin chose was the ghost town Kolmanskop in Namibia. This diamant mining town was one of the richest towns in the 1910’s. Nowadays the town is filled with sand instead of mineworkers. Sand invaded the buildings, creeping into windows and doors. Because of this all the rooms are filled with sand, making it a perfect scenery for the new psychedelic Tame Impala album. Neil Krug photographed a great selection of these rooms and created an even psychedelic dream by editing the images in bright blues and reds. 

“ the album features as a symbol of humanity all but swallowed whole by the surrounding environment, as though in a blink of an eye” --- Kevin Parker

Crosley Radio Europe | Tame Impala Slow Rush blog 


Esther and Merel are, for almost six years, the owners of record store Velvet Amsterdam. Together they run the coolest record store of Amsterdam, host live-events, instores and they organize a famous pop quiz in Amsterdam. Thanks to Velvet you can shop the Tame Impala album and many more in our webshop”Every week dozens of new albums are being released, but the new Tame Impala was the one we were looking forward to for months having it in our store.”

Crosley Radio Europe | Velvet Amsterdam Tame Impala record

Merel tells us that her expectations were high. “Tame Impala is one of the bands I really don’t know which album I think is the best. I think all three are just as good, I expected nothing else but the best of this album.” 

Esther and Merel didn't have to argue about the best songs of the album, Borderline and Lost in Yesterday are their favorites. Esther:  “Borderline is the perfect addition to my running playlist and the forest green vinyl is my favorite colour”.



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