Crosley Radio, headquartered in Louisville, USA launched its first turntable in 1992. Today, Crosley is one of the leading providers of value-priced turntables and brings new life to vinyl records. With the rediscovery of vinyl in the music market, the turntable has also left its dusty image behind and is now finding its way into the homes of lifestyle and music lovers.

Crosley combines the best of tradition and modernity: Vintage design meets audio technology of today and makes listening to music a special experience. Almost all of the record players have a Bluetooth function built-in or a USB hub and brings new life to a classic medium.

In 2013, Crosley brought the classic suitcase designed "Cruiser" to Europe. Thanks to its built-in stereo speakers and its low weight of 2.5 kg, you can take your music wherever you go. Nowadays Crosley Radio’s record player collection is extended with record players that have external speakers in that recognizable Crosley style and you can find them all over Europe.

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