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Tyler (the multi talented) Creator, makes music, runs a fashion label and even creates his own album artwork. Alongside his own album cover design, Tyler always asks another visual artist to make the deluxe version of a release. You can find out in this blog who these artists are! 

His second album Wolf came out in 2013. The deluxe edition was made by Pop Surrealism painter Mark Ryden, who already made album covers for artists like Michael Jackson and Ringo Star.  

The painting is a typical Ryden painting, with surrealistic features like the little baby tree head on the right side of the painting. Tyler and Mark went all out on the merch for the deluxe edition. If you bought the album you also got a Wolf calendar, a 24-page booklet featuring lyrics and artwork, fold-out poster and a limited embroidered patch.

Crosley Radio Europe | Wolf deluxe album Tyler the Creator

Flower Boy
After Wolf, Tyler asked another painter for his album Flower Boy, released in 2017. Eric White is best known for his very detailed paintings and the Flower Boy cover is no exception. Did you see the Mclaren car driving in the background? 

Tyler came up with the Bee’s theme and color palette but let Eric make his own perfect version out of the sketches Tyler made. Pressed on yellow vinyl, this album is one not to be hidden but to be shown in your living room as a piece of art. 

Crosley Radio Europe | Flower boy deluxe album Tyler the Creator

Igor (pronounced eee-gore)
His last album Igor was released in 2019 and is a masterpiece both musically and visually. The deluxe edition is illustrated by Lewis Rossignol and pressed on opaque mint vinyl. The fun thing about this artwork is that the collaboration between the two visually came to life. Lewis incorporated sketches and notes from Tyler into the final artwork and it gives you an idea how the two creative minds worked together. 


Crosley Radio Europe | Igor deluxe album Tyler the Creator

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