New releases to enjoy this summer Crosley Radio Europe

New releases to enjoy this summer

We will celebrate this summer without any festivals to look forward to. Thankfully a lot of bands are still releasing their albums and let us enjoy the great summer vibes in our own backyard or balcony. We made a list of bands that just released or will be releasing a new album and give you those festival vibes on your record player. 

Khruagbin - Mordechai

After the collaboration with Leon Bridges earlier this year the Texas trio Kraughbin will release their new album on 26th of June. 

The artwork is made by Nate Ulesh and Khraugbin’s awesome bass player of the band Laura Lee. The story behind it is that she took a walk to a waterfall after touring for 18 months. After reaching the waterfall  she jumped off a cliff and felt liberated and free!  

Crosley Radio Europe | New vinyl releases

The band takes musical inspiration from all over the world, for example undiscovered funk and soul from the middle-east, chanting from India and Congolese syncopated guitar

This combination and their base of classic soul and RnB makes this new album even groovier than their 2018 album Con Todo El Mundo. They performed at every festival in 2018 with that album. This new album makes up for the fact that we can't enjoy them at a festival this year.  Grab yourself an Aperol spritz, go sit in the sun and listen to Khraughbin, that's all you need this summer.


Haim - Woman in music pt III 

At first Haim was going to postpone their release because of Covid-19. But after settling at home the three sisters said to each other, let’s just release the album and give everyone something to listen to during this quarantine summer. 

Crosley Radio Europe | New vinyl releases

You can expect catchy melodies and great bass lines. What is unexpected is the dance undertone in the song I know alone. With the song Summer girl makes another surprising turn with Lou Reed  inspired melodies.Another big plus, the I Know Alone video has its own dance. So you can have an online dance-off with your friends.

The 1975 - Notes on a conditional form

The 1975 just released their record, after a 1 year delay. This Manchester based band goes back to their UK roots and is influenced by 80s pop. It is no option to sit still on the 1975 song “If you’re too shy”, especially with that 80s vibe saxophone. Do I hear Phil Collins anyone? 


The National - High Violet: 10th Anniversary Expanded Edition

Crosley Radio Europe | New vinyl releases

A festival highlight for a lot of people for the last 10 years. The American based band is celebrating their 10 years anniversary of the album High Violet. With classics like ‘Terrible Love’, ‘Bloodbuzz Ohio’, ‘England’ and ‘Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks’. The special edition consists of the original double LP and a third LP with never released songs. 

The special edition is made in purple and white marble, a real collectors item.

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