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Record Store Day 2019

RSD 2019

The record stores opened up early last Saturday for Record Store Day 2019. Not only the record store owners were up and running at 8 o’clock in the morning. Also the music enthusiasts were standing in line waiting for the doors to open so they could snatch their favourite Record Store Day release and off course the RSD3 mini record player. In only a few hours the cool orange boxes with the RSD3 record player & 3inch Foo Fighters single were sold out. We found a few lucky vinyl-lovers who got their hands on a RSD3 mini record player and ask them what is unique about the RSD3.

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Record Store Day 2019

The roots of Record Store Day can be found in the USA. A couple of independent record store owners wanted to celebrate the awesomeness of 1400 independently owned record stores in the country. In 2008 ‘Record Store Day’ saw the day of light with exclusive releases and in-stores. World famous bands like Metallica and Foo Fighters embraced this idea from the start and played free in-store shows in the independent Record Stores Now, 11 years later, Record Store day is a household name around the world.

"This is a day for the people who make up the world of the record store (the staff, the customers, and the artists) to come together and celebrate the unique culture of a record store and the special role these independently owned stores play in their communities." — RSD America
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We’ve been so busy the last few weeks making sure all the record stores where stocked with the RSD3, it was a pleasure to see how enthusiastic you all were about the mini record player and the 3inch releases. There will be more 3inch releases in the future, be sure to follow us @crosleyradioeurope for the latest news.

Onno of record store North End gave the best description ever, he said “When you see the RSD3 mini record player, it is like holding your daughter for the first time, it is cute and cuddly.” His customers also loved the RSD3 because it is something original and a well-made product. Onno described the people who stood in line for the mini record player as very diverse. “They were hardcore collectors, but also youngsters who loved it.”

We also talked to some happy people who were able to got their hands on the mini record player and asked them why they are in love with it.

Eline was informed by her boyfriend about the RSD3 and her reaction was immediately I need this collectors item. “I saw the teaser on Instagram and just loved the sound of the Foo Fighters 3inch vinyl in combination with the mini record player. Also the packaging works in its favour, the colour and design is really cool. My boyfriend is a big Foo Fighters fan, that makes it a cool collectable for the both of us.

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Thomas got the RSD3 mini record player for his grand son Borre. “my grandson is 6 years old and every time he is with me he wants to look at the records and flip them on the record player. I cherish my collection and record player so we select and play an album together. Borre is turning 7 and when I saw the RSD3 I knew I wanted to give him this one as his first record player. I am going to show him how it works and after that he can discover vinyl on his own.  

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It is great to see on a day like Record Store Day that all music-lovers come together to celebrate vinyl and the independent record stores. It is not about taste in music, but about the fact that is being made and we are able to enjoy it. We hope to see you next year.

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