Young collector: Iggy van Maanen Crosley Radio Europe

Young collector: Iggy van Maanen

17 year old Iggy started last year as our intern. After being with us for six months he got the collecting bug and love for Tame Impala like the rest of us. We were very curious how his collection evolved, let’s find out! 


What do you like about vinyl? 
I think I like it because vinyl is a physical product. You are really holding a record and you can collect them! It’s much more fun than looking up a song on your phone. I also understand the music better with listening to the whole album instead of one song. 

What I also like about vinyl is the artwork that comes with it. The record of Tyler the Creator- Wolf is totally pink for example and has a poster. The new record of Tame Impala - Slow Rush also has colored vinyl and a poster of Kevin Parker. 

Sometimes the artist puts in an explanation about how the record came to live and what it is about. It makes it more personal and I love to read the stories. 
But music is always the most important thing for me to buy an album off course! 

Crosley Radio Europe | Young vinyl record collector

What was the first record you bought? 
That was Unknown Pleasure from Joy Division. I just saw the movie Control about the live of Ian Curtis and it was pretty heavy. Before I saw the film I already listened to Joy Division and after I began to listen to it even more. Joy Division is a band my mom listened to when she was young and she was the one who introduced me to the band. Because I loved the music so much I bought the album. 

Crosley Radio Europe | Young vinyl record collector

How would you describe your record collection? 
It is a mixture of new Hip Hop and Rock music. 

What is your album top 3 and why? 
I’m really happy with my Tame Impala record called Currents. I think it’s his best album. 
Another one I’m really happy with is Luv is rage from Lil Uzi Vert. I bought this one in The Hague and saw that the record had a Record Store Day sticker. I love the music, and because this was a limited edition with yellow vinyl I had to buy it. It is his first real studio album as well. 
My third album has to be Tyler the Creator - Wolf. I listen to that album from the age of 12, when my brother put in on when we needed to do the dishes. 

Crosley Radio Europe | Young vinyl record collector

What is your favorite cover? 
I can’t choose between the new Tame Impala record Slow Rush or the Lil Uzi Vert album. The Tame Impala has crazy photography with all the sand, I never saw anything like it. The Lil Uzi Vert record has a lot of color which I really like. 

Crosley Radio Europe | Young vinyl record collector

What is you most expensive record
That has to be Swimming from Mac Miller. I got it for my birthday though, which is fortunate. 

What are your favorite record stores? 
I browse on Discogs occasionally, but never bought a record online. I go to Plato in Utrecht or Velvet in Amersfoort. You also have a really nice record store in The Hague called 3345, they have a lot of new school Hip Hop records that I could not find anywhere else. When I was there I also talked to the owner about hip hop records and artists which was a lot of fun.  

Do you have a record you want to add to your collection? 
Well I have to choose the hip hop record Playboi Carti from Playboi Carti. I’m still looking for that one. 

If you had to choose, new or second hand vinyl? 
I like to browse around second hand vinyl, but a lot of the time they are very dusty and I don’t know the artist. I’m not someone who will buy a second hand record to try if I like the music. I collect very specific artists and albums I already love and then preferably new. I try to keep everything neat and organised. 


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