Young Vinyl Collector: Naoual Chouhou Crosley Radio Europe

Young Vinyl Collector: Naoual Chouhou

Young Vinyl Collector

Did you see the great illustrations on our Instagram? Naoual is our graphic design intern and at 18 years old she started her own record collection not too long ago.  Check out what she has in common with her grandmother and which album covers she likes. 

What do you love about vinyl? 
I pay more attention to the music. When I put on a vinyl record I’m more aware of the lyrics and what the artist wants to say with their music. This makes the album much more meaningful to me.

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What is the first record you bought? 
I bought two second hand records from my local second hand shop. One is a longplay album with all kinds of soundtracks. The other one is Billy Ocean - Nights. I bought this one because my dad recommended it and I really liked the cover. I’m a fan of second hand records because of the idea that someone else also enjoyed the same album you’re now listening to. I thought it was cool to start my collection that way.

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What was your reaction when you first played a record? 
I thought it was very strange and didn’t know how a record player worked. I was trying to figure it out and my dad said that I needed to be careful otherwise I would scratch the record. Eventually I got the record playing and loved the warm sound. When I talked to my grandmother about vinyl she said to me that analog music touched her more than live music. I’m happy I can share that feeling with her.

How would you describe your current record collection?
Very small! I've been collecting vinyl for eight months, so I'm just getting started. There’s a little bit of everything in here, Pop, Hiphop, Urban. Like I said I started with buying second hand vinyl, but nowadays I’m really into limited editions and colored vinyl.  

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What is your favourite record? 
The one I accidentally have two of, Dua Lipa- Future Nostalgie. This is my first limited edition record and I think it’s really cool. I love the photography, the colors that are used and how the image continues on the back of the album. They really thought this through.  

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Is this also your favorite cover? 
Well next to the Dua Lipa record I think the cover from the band Torii is also very cool. Their album is called Return to Form and what you see here is a miniature house they built and photographed. I also like the way they edited the image, the vintage/grainy effect fits with the image and the music. 

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What is your most expensive record? 
That has to be Bishop Briggs - Church of scars. I found a dance crew online who were dancing to one of her songs. I was hooked and looked up who the artist was. It has a darker feel then the other records I have, but her raw voice is great to listen to. 

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Where do you buy your records? 
Most of the time I buy my records online, it’s just easy and fast or I go to my local second hand shop. 

Last question: if you had to choose second hand or new vinyl? 
I think I will choose for new vinyl. Just because I’m more into limited editions and colored vinyl right now. Maybe if I find a second hand record shop that has more music and artists I love, I will be getting more into second hand vinyl again. 

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