Mix and Match! Crosley Radio Europe

Mix and Match!

Listening to music in these crazy times is a great way to daydream or release some tension of the day. What we don’t want is to find records everywhere and make a mess of our living room. We got this covered, our well-loved suitcase-design record player is the perfect match for the Manchester album storage stand. You can mix and match the different colors to find your favorite one.
Need some inspiration? We made a few options to get you on your way. 

Minimal style 

A minimalistic interior is everything but boring. We matched the monochromatic Voyager black and Manchester white and managed to create a centre-piece for your living room.  Crosley Radio Europe | Voyager black and Manchester white

Spring style 

Not afraid of color and looking for some spring inspiration in your living room? Mix the Cruiser mint with the manchester white and you let the spring colors flourish. Another fun and colorful combination is the Voyager washed blue & white storage stand. 

Crosley Radio Europe | Voyager Washed Blue, Cruiser Deluxe Mint and Manchester White

Retro style 

The suitcase-design record player finds its origin in the retro style. Our storage stand in the color paprika is a great example. Combine storage stand with the Cruiser turquoise or Voyager grey and your Retro corner is ready to spin. Crosley Radio Europe | Mix and match storage stand and record player

Mix and Match your favorite combination and all you have to do is wait for the package to arrive, build the storage stand in three steps, plug in the record player and play. 


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