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    3 things you need to know about the needle of your record player

    3 things you need to know about the needle of your record player
    The needle is the part that follows the groove on your record and is transferred into an electric current. This electric current gets amplified by the built-in amplifier of the Crosley record player and makes sure you’ll hear the music out of your speakers. We give the needle some extra attention in this blog because of its importance in listening to records. 

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    The vinyl discography of the Italian band Måneskin

    Måneskin Discography | Crosley Radio Europe
    The Italian rock band Måneskin had a great 2021. They’ve won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021 and after that their success expanded internationally. The group was even named best rock band at the MTV European Music Awards 2021. Check out this blog to find out about the origin of the band and which records they released on vinyl.

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    Crosley story | "Music is like breathing to me"

    Analog Stories | Crosley Radio Europe
    In our (re)discover vinyl campaign we created some fun pictures with spoken word artist Smita. She grew up with records and music instruments laying around the house. Read our blog about how she experiences music and found her passion as a spoken word artist.

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