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Crosley at Home | Michèle Margot

Crosley at Home 

The Crosley at Home serie started during the second lockdown in the Netherlands. We couldn't photograph on location so we asked a few Dutch photographers to create images in their own living room. Michèle is known for her analog band photography and co-founded BLACK CURRANT mag. For our Crosley at home serie she photographed the Voyager Dune. Check out her interior photography and which record cover is her favourite.


That would be the day my boyfriend Sven and I moved in together, in the spring of 2019. I’m not such an avid collector myself (the records I buy are either thrift store finds or my all time favorite albums) but he’s got hundreds of ‘em, so I got pretty lucky all at once. Our living room basically needed to be arranged around our vinyl storage. Sven’s got this very specific, thematic filing system, which I tend to forget the order of, and when one of my records merges into the collection he’ll announce this with a “your record is now in between this and that record” and I always hope I’ll be able to find it again afterwards. I’m still kind of honored when that happens, like, you think this is good enough to fit in here? That’s nice.

Crosley Radio Europe | Voyager Bluetooth record player dune

Two come to mind, not sure which one was first. Heroes by David Bowie is, I think, the first one I was gifted by my mom because I was a huge fan of that iconic image on the sleeve. It’s my favorite cover up to this day (as is the title track itself). The photographer, Masayoshi Sukita, also shot the image for Iggy Pop’s The Idiot, something I discovered after being equally attracted to that sleeve. Those two are always on display on the shelves above our record player. I love how the square shape of a record sleeve is the most perfect medium for photography and artwork and it’s also able to hold something special inside.

The first record I bought myself was Because of the Times by Kings of Leon. It’s kind of a poetic album title because I bought it in 2007, which was an incredibly important year for the development of my taste in music. I still use ‘music from 2007’ as a description for songs that make me feel nostalgic of those days.

The pandemic has had a strange effect on my relationship with music. For a while I could only listen to very calm and soothing songs that either made me feel good or nothing at all (which was actually a lot less sad than it sounds). I usually listen to a lot of post-punk and things that are slightly moody or dark but I wasn’t able to for almost all of quarantine. Too much stress and anxiety came up, which I wasn’t able to channel whilst being at home. As soon as spring came and everything started to feel a little lighter I’ve naturally returned to my original listening habits. But the one on repeat… that’s gotta be David Bowie again. Let’s Dance.

Thanks Michèle for creating these beautiful images and sharing your vinyl stories. 

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