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    Analog stories — Analog music

    The vinyl discography of the Italian band Måneskin

    Måneskin Discography | Crosley Radio Europe
    The Italian rock band Måneskin had a great 2021. They’ve won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021 and after that their success expanded internationally. The group was even named best rock band at the MTV European Music Awards 2021. Check out this blog to find out about the origin of the band and which records they released on vinyl.

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    Diggy Dex x Crosley : "Dit is voor mij echt wel een vinkje op mijn bucketlist"

    Diggy Dex Voyager record player | Crosley Radio Europe

    Vrijdag 17 september komt het zevende album ‘Carrousel’ van Diggy Dex uit. Deze keer ook voorzien van een customized Crosley-platenspeler met de illustraties van Margot Holtman. Wij spraken met de illustratrice en Diggy Dex over de totstandkoming van het artwork en de muziek op dit nieuwste album. 

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    Vinyl Culture - Tribe Friday

    Vinyl Culture - Tribe Friday | Crosley Radio Europe
    Tribe Friday’s frontman Noah Deutschmann started playing in bands at the age of 13 in a small Swedish town. Now, ten years later, he released two EP’s on vinyl and with Tribe Friday he is ready to take over the world. We talked about his fascination for vinyl, his love for music and his touring plans for when the world is Covid-19 free. 

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