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    Young Vinyl Collector: Anne van den Hooven

    We got in touch with a lot of you record enthusiasts through Instagram and it’s great to see how the record community is growing. A few months ago we got in touch with Anne, a student from Porsgrunn Norway, who shares her still growing record collection via her account ‘Needle Dust’. We at Crosley were curious, what drives a young student to collect records? 
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    Young Collector: Teun de Vries

    Teun caught the collectors bug by looking through his father’s record collection. Find out how he met the well-known band from the Netherlands ‘De Staat’ on a small stage in Budapest. 

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    Young Collectors: Tom van Huisstede

    Since everybody is staying home in these strange Corona times, It’s the perfect moment to spend time with your record collection. To get you started or inspired we are presenting a new young collector story. This time we talked (digitally) to Tom, a graphic designer and photographer who loves music as much as the design of records.