Cruiser Plus 2-Way Bluetooth record player - CR8005F-NV4 | Navy

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Cruiser Plus | CR8005F-NV4 

(re)discover the magic of vinyl with the Crosley Cruiser Plus record player. This briefcase designed record player has a playful appearance and is easy to use. Connect your phone with Bluetooth, to the built-in speakers of your record player and enjoy your digital music all day long. Or connect your own Bluetooth speaker to the record player to amplify your sound. The Cruiser Plus record player comes with Pitch Control, Aux-in, Headphone jack and RCA output.

Key features


  • 35.5 cm (l) 25.5 cm (w) 10 cm (h)
  • Weight: 2.5 kg

Manual Cruiser Plus


  • Imitation leather